Wednesday, May 12, 2010

McAuliffe Park Competition

Ian and Nessie competed last Thursday at MacAuliffe Park in East Hartford. Years ago this was the first disc competition that Ian competed in with Tartan! Nessie still remains the only competitor while Tartan is resting his paw. Caber and Sporran are enjoying frisbee practice on the farm.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Even More Additions!

Picked up some new, 5 week old chicks yesterday, and two Roosters! Undecided on which rooster is going to stay for now.

The chicks are all females (yay!) and are 1 Production Red (lots of eggs!) and 2 White Leghorns or White Rocks. They are very docile.

The roosters are Phoenix mixes....the white one is a Columbian Wyandotte mix and the red/brown one is a Brown Leghorn mix. They were hatched and raised together.


Yesterday we got 5 eggs! 2 Plymouth Rock eggs, 1 blue Ameraucana egg, and 2 Guinea eggs!

The first guinea egg is on the left, and is more "pointy" and triangular shaped than a chicken egg.

Frisbee Dogs

Caber (possibly the new name for Puppy) had fun leash walking and playing last night!

Nessie will be competing on Thursday at the Skyhoundz Distance & Accuracy and Freestyle competition at McAuliffe Park!

...and for our other frisbee dog please send healing thoughts to Tartan!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday News

It's a beautiful, warm, 90 degree spring day to do farm chores! Time is moving so fast, it won't be long until these blossoms are replaced with apples!

Three new chicks are going to make their way onto the farm sometime this week, and they are supposedly (and hopefully!) all pullets (girls)...2 Leghorns and 1 Rhode Island Red.

Puppy still doesn't have a new Scottish name, but it won't be much longer now (how much longer could it take?).

Lots of garden planning going on right now too...we have all the seeds, just to decide where to put them!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dog Days

...have officially begun!

Today the BC Farms paws and people went to the FDDO Yankee Flyer's Spring Invitational!

Ian and Nessie at the obstacles event

Puppy had fun going for a walk during the event and meeting new people and dogs!


The five chicks are very active and seem to be growing bigger everyday. Because they are still light and aren't full grown, they are good at flying and like to perch on top of the dog houses! I think I finally figured out that they are....3 Gold Laced Wyandottes and 2 Easter Eggers/Americaunas. At least two of the Wyandottes are roosters, and the two Easter Eggers are pullets (girls). Hopefully they will grow up and lay blue/green eggs like Violet!