Saturday, February 6, 2010

All Tucked In

The chickens seem to like their new house. It's definitely more easy to clean and has some nice perches for them to roost on (more were added after this picture so they all have a spot). It has windows and vents that are closed for now, but can be opened in the summer to cool it down. It also has a chicken door with a ramp, a people door, and nest boxes (which the rooster is roosting on). Roosts are important, especially in winter, because it helps the chickens stay warmer by being able to "fluff" themselves over their feet. The dog houses that they used to be in will probably be converted even more into coops, or converted into a chicken tractor that can go between the vegetable rows during the day to get rid of bugs (or along the woodline and in the field to eat ticks), or as a brooder/nursery for chicks and hatching eggs.

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