Saturday, January 2, 2010

Safety First

While I was taking a picture of this beautiful cedar, Ian had a mishap with the chainsaw. Luckily he was wearing his "safety chaps" so he wasn't hurt! Just goes to show you you should never take safety lightly!

The majority of BC Farms is wooded right now. The previous owners let a field grow in, maybe about 30 years ago looking at the age of the trees (the house was built in 1928), and behind that section is a row of evergreen trees. Before the accident we were looking of dead fallen trees, and dead trees that were still standing that we cut into lengths to be used later as firewood. The cedar tree might be used for a special project. The goal is to open up some existing trails at are overgrown, and to clear out some space to re-purpose later on.

For now the project is on a temporary hold. Sometimes it's nice to take in a deep breath and be thankful that for the moment every one is safe and sound.

(The "yellow" is where the chaps were cut)

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